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Why reinvent education?

It all started a few months ago, when two high-school students, who’ve made it since to Oxford, were revising together. After a few hours of reading, they realised that what they were doing was very boring and slow and so started looking for materials online. The thing they found though was, that online education is not at all fitting our needs. This is when they decided to create something better.

For students, by students

The format they envision is one which is common everywhere. Students teaching students. It might sound unusual at first, but we all have that classmate who can explain and summarize a whole lesson in a few minutes. Research by the MIT has confirmed their intuition - learners like short and informal teaching online.

Take over control

On our site, you decide what you learn and when you learn it. No commitments, no liabilities, and no dull stuff. The videos’ length is limited and we promise, no one will waste your time.

Giving you a voice

At LiteUp, you can post short, 5-minute videos in which you explain school topics in an informal, entertaining way and thereby make education much more adapted to our needs. We do not restrict you to just listen, but actively encourage you to share your knowledge, which can help others. In return, you can learn things you don’t know in a more fun and crucially shorter way!